HOD's Message

Dr. H. M. Jha “Bidyarthi”
Professor and Head, Dept. of Business Admn. & Research

The Department of Business Administration And Research was started in the year 1994 by our college after obtaining AICTE approval to start M.B.A. course in addition to its existing engineering courses at a Taluka level. This by far became the first Post Graduate Course in our college. Since then there has been no looking back and our M.B.A. course progressed in content, quality, excellence and relevance from pillar to post emerging as the leading management education in Vidarbha by being first in Vidarbha on several fronts like NBA Accreditation, NAAC Accreditation, ISO Certification, Business India Ranking, MoU with MSME Development Institute, Nagpur, Project with Citibank, Students’ and Teachers’ interaction with executives and academia of international repute like Professor Rajiv Lal of Harvard Business School, USA and Dr. Vikram Pandit of Citibank, USA, MDPs and a number of other activities. Visions of our founders have been all pervasive in these activities to ensure it emerge as a glocal centre of management education and training for bringing management knowledge global standards to the door steps of local people. Every faculty member here is either a doctorate (Ph.D.) or is pursuing doctoral research. Our aim is not to impart education but to inspire changes.
One may question the idea of management education at a Taluka place like Shegaon but our conviction to the rich treasure of Indian scripture that forwards to us a universal lesson as quoted below has been the guiding force:
Amantram aksharam nasti,Nasti mulam na aushadham;
Ayogyah purusho nasti,Yojakah tatra durlabhah:
It means, “There is no letter in the script that is not a mantra, a chanting, a principle; what we need is a Pandit, a scholar to pronounce it. There is no root / plant without medicinal value; what we need is a doctor to diagnose it. There is none in this world who is ineligible, inefficient, ineffective; what we need is a MANAGER who manifests it.” We therefore approach the young minds with firm belief within that they are ayogyah nasti. The entire curriculum, the pedagogy, the activities and the events, the projects and the programmes, the resources and its recurrences are all designed and devoted in this department to manifest their innate and infinite potential. The department endeavors to emit desired behavior (ASK) in its inmates for shaping their Attitude, enhancing their Skill and building Knowledge by inculcating in them the culture of Ask, Seek and Knock (ASK).
This institution is fortunate to have inherited the spiritual environment from its parent organization – Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan. The understanding here is that life has both material and spiritual aspects and man (or woman) is a spiritual being with higher aims and purposes. He (She) has innate potential and capacities which the department strives to unfold through a two-year rigorous and duronto M.B.A. Course supported by Summer Internship, Master Classes, Project-based and industry-linked experiential learning, Corporate interaction with cherished executives and entrepreneurs of this locality, Several Skill (Business / Entrepreneurship / Managerial / Soft Skills) Development Programmes, Students-driven activities, Teacher-Taught intimacy for out-of-box thinking guided by, as McKinsey puts it in its 7-S framework - super-ordinate goal - through a global approach as obvious from the following Marathi abhanga.
Sadasarvbhave ghado tujhi sev, hich aas deva gajanana
ghado tujhi seva, hich aas deva, ghado tujhi seva, hich aas deva
This is notwithstanding a large number of so far achievements that our department has to its credit. Some of the activities worth mentioning here include completion of AICTE funded research projects under Research Promotion Scheme, number of Ph.D.s completed under the supervision of departmental faculty, academic visits abroad, large number of publications in national and international journals including faculty as a member of the review panels for the same, faculty chairing technical sessions of international conferences organized by top class management institutions including IIM, business skills development programmes, foreign placement of its students, case publications, teacher-student ratio of 1:11 for personalized care etc. One can only experience the vibration of our campus by being its part.
Prof. H. M. Jha “Bidyarthi”, Ph.D.
Professor and Head
Department of Business Administration and Research