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Working Culture


IEEE and SSGMCE have worked in unison to reach out to the young minds by providing them with a platform to showcase their scientific talent and in the process gain plentiful knowledge and exposure in the area. We at IEEE SSGMCE believe in lighting the lamp of enlightenment and thereby transform the minds of our students in a way that they positively develop their sense of curiosity and work towards exploring new horizons of research and innovation. The World demands young people to enhance their skills ,to dare to quest for unanswered questions, to discover a new age of technology and adventure; this is what we at IEEE SSGMCE stand for.

At IEEE SSGMCE we don’t sleep, we dream- to conquer the zenith of perfection, to instill a better sense of reasoning among students, to explore beyond the obvious and most importantly to create visionaries of tomorrow.

Let the spirit of inquiry rule over the facts of the obvious and we will have added another three hundred more already.