Program Educational Objectives(PEOs)

The PEOs for the Institute are formed on considering the views of various stakeholders, and on the basis of vision and mission statements of the Institute. The PEOs are evolved as part of our latest curriculum revision, which began in 2011. These are also periodically reviewed on the basis of feedback from employers, alumni and industry people.
The Program Educational Objectives of the Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj  College of Engineering are:

    • Prepare students to achieve technical expertise in engineering, research, industry and pursuing higher studies to serve the global society. 

    • To develop ability among students to synthesize, comprehend, analyze and design products and solutions in the field of engineering.

    • To inculcate effective teamwork, communication skills, environment friendly and multidisciplinary approach among students.

    • To develop students with social ethics, leadership, managerial skills and entrepreneurial ability in spiritual environment.

    The Vision

    • To impart world-class Engineering and Management education in an environment of spiritual foundation to serve the global society.

    The Mission

    • To develop excellent learning center through continuous design and up gradation of courses in closed intraction with R&D centers, Industries and Academia.

    • To produce competent, entrepreneurial and committed Technical and managerial human, with Spiritual foundation to serve the society.

    • To develope state-of-the-art infrastructure, centers of excellence and to pursue research of ¬†global and local relevance.

    • To strive for 'Sarve Bhanvantu Sukhinah' - the ideal of our parent organization Shri Gajanan Maharaj sansthan, Shegaon through symbiosis of Science and Spirituality.